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Harmony 1Kg - Calming Supplement for Horses

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Calmer for nervous, spooky horses


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Calming Supplement for nervous, spooky or anxious horses.

Horses with low magnesium uptake can develop nervous conditions including irritable, ‘nappy’ and excitable behaviour. Symptoms include anxiety and unsettled behaviour during handling, training, travelling or competition.

Harmony™ is the ideal supplement for working, travelling and competing horses to provide specific nutrients that reduce nervous, anxious or over-reactive behaviour.

Harmony™ promotes a calm, focused temperament, without dopeyness or drowsiness. Harmony™ has a unique and highly effective combination of calming nutrients that are quickly absorbed to promote calm performance.

Harmony™ is a unique supplement which contains high doses of well absorbed organic magnesium and natural high potency RRR vitamin E for bio-availability and utilisation.

“I have a thoroughbred cross that is ordinarily very highly strung. I would struggle to ride him at shows as he would get so anxious and his spooking made me lose my confidence. 'Harmony' has completely changed him! He is now a lot more relaxed at home and at shows and can assess situations better.

In fact, we are now out competing at Novice level dressage. I would recommend 'Harmony' very highly and it has really changed mine and Teddy's relationship!”


Chelsey B, Lincs       


Image Left: Chelsey and her horse Teddy riding through a local village.

“Thank you so much. Having such fun on my mare now. She was a very spooky and nervous horse. Hormonal, spooky and nervous on these busy roads were a daily challenge. Now I have a new horse who herself is calm and relaxed. I have tried SO MANY herbs, potions, lotions and other supplements but nothing worked. Harmony has definately changed my horse. Riding now is so enjoyable and fun. Instead of nodding at passing vehicles with 2 hands on the reins, on the hedge, over the other side of road, I can now ride and wave 2 hands at traffic thanking them, and ride holding the rein with one finger at buckle. AMAZING PRODUCT. My mare is so relaxed and happy bless her. Thank you so much. You are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!”

Yvonne M, Somerset       

Yvonne Yvonne

Images Above: Yvonne riding her mare Holly through her local town in the wind and rain, and holding the end of the buckle with her finger.

Harmony™ contains known calming nutrients with synergistic actions:

  • High levels of organic magnesium - a magnesium-amino acid chelate that reaches the absorption sites as an protein-shielded complex for optimum uptake and utilisation.
  • Natural RRR source of vitamin E – highest potency vitamin E helps ensure that dietary levels of vitamin E are optimum for normal muscle and nerve function.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – to help make up shortfalls in the diet of working horses fed on grain based, low roughage diets.
  • Debittered yeast as a natural food compound to help maintain normal gastro-intestinal function in working, travelling or competitive horses.
  • Harmony™ does not contain any substances which are prohibited by FEI or the Rules of Racing.

Harmony™ is known as Mag-E in Australia and is the most popular supplement to keep horses calm and focused.

View our Video to Learn more about Magnesium Absorption in the Horse’s Gut

Magnesium Supplements and Kohnke's Own Mag-E

Magnesium for Anxious, Nervous or ‘Spooky’ HorsesIt is well known that nervous, anxious or ‘spooky’ horses may have a deficiency of magnesium, but which type of magnesium should horse owners choose to supplement? Read on to find out more... Magnesium deficiency leads to nervousness, muscle tremors and loss of appetite, and can be caused by low magnesium levels in the horse’s ration [1]. Another common cause is oversupply of certain nutrients from grass, grain and hay, such as potassium and phosphorus. In this case, magnesium uptake from the small intestine is decreased by excessive levels of the other nutrients in the pasture or feed [2]. Magnesium chloride, oxide and sulfate are impure chemical salts that are sometimes fed at high amounts to horses to treat magnesium deficiency. These cheap magnesium salts flood the intestines with the chemical form of magnesium and due to the inherent competition between minerals for absorption in the small intestine, may lead to reduced magnesium absorption capacity (see video) . Supplementing with magnesium oxide, sulfate or chloride to create an oversupply of chemical magnesium may also interact with the uptake of other minerals, potentially leading to negative effects on the horse [3, 4]. For example, excessive magnesium affects calcium and phosphorus metabolism [5]. It is therefore not advised to give high doses of chemical magnesium powders when correcting a deficiency or supplementing to reduce nervous or anxious behaviour. Kohnke’s Own® Mag-E® avoids this magnesium absorption problem because it contains a superior form of magnesium, organic magnesium proteinate. This highly bioavailable chelated magnesium [3] naturally increases uptake of magnesium so that nerve and muscle cells can be loaded up with this important mineral. Magnesium proteinate is absorbed through the protein route in the digestive system, allowing efficient and effective uptake without competition from other minerals. By this route, magnesium proteinate avoids the original problem of reduced magnesium absorption due to competition from other minerals in the small intestine (see video - click on HD to get the full quality resolution!). Magnesium proteinate also has a much lower dose rate than the impure chemical forms, making it more effective with less stress on the horse’s digestive system. Mag-E® is also very palatable to horses and we have undertaken field trials with 1000’s of horses to ensure that Mag-E® is safe and effective. In contrast, magnesium sulfate and chloride are unpalatable to horses and cause scouring/diarrhoea, a serious side effect that should not be discounted. Magnesium salts may be impure and contain other chemicals [6], which could negatively affect the health of your horse if fed over an extended period. Mag-E® has other high quality ingredients that make this supplement even more effective, including vitamin E as an antioxidant for nerve and muscle function, which has been coated with oil for optimum uptake. Mag-E® also includes thiamine (vitamin B1), which is another popular calming nutrient, as well as a base of digestive soothers to calm horses predisposed to a nervous, tense stomach. If you would like more information on the best way to supplement magnesium in your horse’s diet, we invite you to contact our friendly Nutritional Advisors by email to or private message to our Facebook page. Our other recent post gives more details about the common reasons behind nervousness and anxiety in horse and can be found here - Frape, D., Equine Nutrition and Feeding. Fourth Edition ed. 2010, West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.2. Hintz, H. and H. Schryver, Magnesium metabolism in the horse. Journal of animal science, 1972. 35(4): p. 755-759.3. Geor, R.J., P.A. Harris, and M. Coenen, Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition. 2013: Saunders Elsevier.4. Kienzle, E. and N. Zorn. Bioavailability of minerals in the horse. in Proceedings of the 3rd European Equine Nutrition & Health Congress. 2006.5. Ewing, W.N. and S. Charlton, J., The Minerals Directory. 2nd Edition ed. 2007, Leicestershire, England: Context Publishing Ltd.6. Debska-Horecka, A., J. Kulik, and I. Stroński, The preparation of high-purity magnesium oxide: II. The removal of trace amounts of impurities from magnesium nitrate solutions. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 1974. 20(2): p. 639-648.

Posted by John Kohnke Products on Monday, 24 August 2015

Although the total feed content of magnesium in grass, grain and hay is often above daily limits, it is poorly absorbed from feed. This is because magnesium competes for uptake with potassium in grass or hay, or excess calcium, phosphorus or iron contained in the diet. The organic or ‘chelated’ magnesium used in Harmony™ is not affected by other mineral interactions and is more efficiently absorbed into the body.

Refer to 'Directions for Use' section for Harmony™ Dosage Rates.


Directions for Use


Harmony™ has been formulated to provide a source of nutrients, based on organic magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 to help maintain normal muscle and nerve function.  Although the total feed content of magnesium provided in grass, grain and hay is often above daily requirements, it can be poorly absorbed from feed.  This is because magnesium competes for uptake with calcium, high intake of potassium in grass or hay, or where excess phosphorus is contained in the diet.  The organic or ‘chelated’ magnesium used in Harmony™ is not affected by other mineral interaction and is more efficiently absorbed into the body.  Harmony™ also contains natural source RRR Vitamin E and Vitamin B1, both of which have a role in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function.

It is recommended that young horses in particular are given Harmony™ to help maintain normal nervous function and minimise the risk of injury to themselves and riders due to frightened, over-reactive or shying behaviour in early training, during travel and when competing with other horses. 


It is important to give a loading dose initially to help optimise blood magnesium levels over a 7 day period, as it will help maintain normal nerve function.


Starting Dosage:  (500kg horse)

It is recommended to initially give 15g (1 scoopful) Harmony™ in each of the morning and evening feeds daily for 7 days. In very anxious horses, including young horses coming into training or being broken-in to saddle and exercise routines, up to 3 scoopsful daily (1½ scoopsful morning and evening) may need to be given to achieve the best results and help them focus on their training.  In an occasional horse, up to 2 scoopsful twice daily may be required during this initial period to ensure optimum nerve function and normal behaviour. 


Daily Follow-Up Dosage: 

Once a horse has responded normally to the initial loading dose, then the dose can be reduced to 15g (1 scoopful), or for previously very anxious horses, 22½g (1½ scoopsful) daily in the evening feed to help maintain normal cooperative and safe behaviour, as normal nerve function is maintained.

In some cases, once a horse has established a pattern of normal co-operative and settled behaviour over a 2-3 week period, as blood magnesium levels are maintained, the dose can then be reduced to every alternate day.  However, in most cases, it is recommended to increase the dose to 15g (1 scoopful) twice daily for the last 4-5 days prior to competing to help ensure that the co-operative behaviour is maintained whilst travelling and waiting for competition.


PONIES (250-300kg):   Half the above dose rates.

Harmony™ does not contain any substances which are prohibited by the ‘FEI Rules’. It is a purely nutritional supplement only.


For Calm Performance

Organic Magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 Supplement for Horses


Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ has been formulated to provide a source of nutrients which have a role in normal muscle and nerve function.  The primary mineral magnesium in the supplement can be poorly absorbed from feeds, although the total feed content is often above daily requirements.  This is because magnesium competes for uptake with calcium or where excess phosphorus or iron is contained in the diet. More than four years of field studies on 1000’s of horses have been carried out to develop and test Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™. It is the first organic magnesium and synergistic vitamin supplement to help ensure optimum uptake from feed of these essential nutrients required for normal nervous function and calm performance.

Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ does not contain herbs or other potentially prohibited substances.

It helps maintain natural harmony and relaxation between a rider or handler and a horse.  It can help minimise the risk of injury to both the horse and rider, especially in young or immature horses under saddle.

Q.     What are the signs associated with low magnesium intake?

A.    Studies have shown that horses can initially develop a nervous predisposition, with symptoms of being unable to adjust to, or cope with, unfamiliar surroundings, showing anxiety and unsettled behaviour during handling, training, travelling or competition.  Some horses are able to cope when worked in familiar surroundings and routine exercise patterns, but become restless and uneasy when routines change, when they are being travelled to, or have to wait prior to competition.


Q.     How does Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ work?

A.    Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ contains the majority of its magnesium in a bioplex (amino acid yeast) ‘chelate’, or natural organic form as present in plants. When ingested, it which reaches the absorption sites of the small bowel as an organic complex, thus largely avoiding competition for uptake from calcium and other nutrients which are normally absorbed from the same locations. 


Q.     Why does Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ contain natural source vitamin E and Vitamin B1 (thiamine)?

A.     Many feeds are low in Vitamin E and Vitamin B1, resulting in horses on highly concentrated diets, being unable to obtain enough vitamin E or naturally synthesize adequate Vitamin B1 during microbial fermentation of fibre in their hindgut to meet their daily needs.  Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ contains supplementary doses of a 50:50 blend of fat soluble natural d-alpha-RRR Vitamin E (450IU/15g dose), as well as water soluble synthetic Vitamin E (450IU/15g dose) to complement its organic magnesium content. The blend helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function in horses which are unable to cope with training or competition.

 Vitamin B1 is included to make-up shortfalls in the feed, as shortfalls of Vitamin B1 in stored hay or processed feeds have been associated with nervousness and muscle weakness in horses.


Q.     Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ contains debittered yeast as well.  Why?

A.     Yeast is a source of many vitamins, including B group vitamins.  It also forms a ‘sticky’ coating, which when mixed with natural feed gums, coats the stomach wall.  These natural feed compounds have a role in maintaining normal gastro-intestinal function when horses are worked, travelled or competed under conditions where they were previously unable to cope with new surroundings or challenges.

*Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Grow™ is specially formulated for pregnant and lactating mares as well as growing horses up to 2 years of age, with additional calcium supplemented where necessary.


Handy Hint:  Where a horse has a poor appetite and is taking a long time to eat as it ‘picks’ at its feed and rests frequently, a supplement of Kohnke’s Own® Gastro-Coat™ given 15-30 minutes before travelling in crumbled alfalfa cubes, will help to maintain its normal appetite if it becomes ‘anxious’ or ‘anticipates’ competition. It can be used in conjunction with Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ for abnormally ‘stressy’, ‘spooky’, ‘sour’ or ‘snorty’ nervous and unpredictable behaviour in a horse.


Q.     When should I start giving a supplement of Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™?

A.     As poor magnesium uptake can cause a horse to be unable to cope with new surroundings, travelling or competition, Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ should be provided as a dietary supplement starting at least 5-7 days before travelling or competition. It can then be continued as a routine daily supplement to a horse to maintain normal nerve function and reaction to training as required, so that it can handle challenges during training or when travelling.

Handy Hint:  A double amount of Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ mixed with 20ml of water and 20ml cooking oil into a paste, given 4 hours before travelling and competition, can help a horse for up to 8 hours when away from home.  It supplements the important nutrients required for normal nerve function when feed intake is restricted or delayed during transit and when waiting to compete.


It is best to give a normal supplement dose twice daily on the first 5-7 days to help make up dietary shortfalls, then a standard supplement dose once daily for 4-5 days, and then twice daily again 2-3 days prior to travelling, relocation or competition.

Q.     Does Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ need to be given for an extended time to help horses in training?

A.    In most cases, 5-7 days of initial supplementation at double the standard dose rate is usually sufficient to help normalise nervous function and settled behavior, allowing a horse to adapt to normal training and new surroundings or routines.  In some horses, a daily standard supplement may need to be continued for 7-14 days, then reduced to alternate days for 7-10 days, and then twice weekly thereafter.  The pre-competition supplement may then be given to horses which are ‘good at home and bad away’ to help them prior to travelling or competition.  For difficult horses, supplementation can be given for a longer period, if necessary, without any risk of side effects as it is a purely nutritional supplement.


Q.     Can Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ be given over the tongue in a paste?

A.     Some horses may not accept new feed tastes, although Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ is vanilla flavoured to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.  It can be given over the tongue as a watery slurry on a day to day basis if required to horses which are ‘wary’ about feed additives.


Q.     Does Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ show up in a swab?

A.     No.  Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ contains normal supplementary levels of magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 and does not contravene the Rules of Racing or FEI medication guidelines for competition.


Handy Hint: You can also use Kohnke’s Own® Harmony™ for horses being broken-in and for young horses in training to help maintain normal nervous function and help them to cope with new environments and training routines.

Pack Sizes: 425 gram starter pack, 1 kg and 2.5 kg

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