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Cell-Provide 3.5 Kg

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Calcium, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for lightly worked horses, ponies, miniatures as well as aged horses.


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Cell-Provide™ provides bone-minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins for lightly worked horses and ponies. Cell-Provide™ is also suitable for senior and aged, retired horses and ponies at grass.

Cell-Provide™ is a comprehensive supplement for adult show and riding horses, ponies and miniatures, as well as all ponies and horses when retired or in their senior years.

Cell-Provide™ is very palatable - most horses and ponies will eat them off your hand! This is an easy way to supplement horses, ponies, miniatures and aged horses at grass.

Cell-Provide™ supplements a range of nutrients for the health, vitality and wellbeing of lightly worked or resting horses.

  • White Supplets® – contribute calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins A and D for bones and joints.
  • Brown Supplets® – provide a full range of trace-minerals, many in organic ‘chelated’ form for optimum uptake, including fully organic selenium and chromium, for blood and muscles.
  • Golden-Yellow Supplets® - all essential vitamins, coated for potency, supports appetite, vitality and optimum metabolic function.

Cell-Provide™ is a unique formulation designed to make-up the shortfalls of a wide range of bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins for lightly worked adult equestrian and pleasure horses, ponies and miniatures at grass, fed hay-based diets, or given common feed mixes.

The extra bone minerals in Cell-Provide™ supplement levels of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for aged horses to support bone and joint health.

Cell-Provide™ provides a supplementary level of biotin for hoof growth and hardness, plus a comprehensive range of stability-coated vitamins and chelated trace-minerals for optimum coat health, condition and shine.


Directions for Use


Cell-Provide™ is a unique formulation designed to make-up the shortfalls of a wide range of nutrients in the common feed mixes, hay and grass consumed by lightly worked adult equestrian and pleasure horses at grass or in livery.

It is the only ‘ration balancer’ with supplementation rates matched to the needs of ponies, miniatures and aged horses.

Cell-Provide® provides a supplementary source of essential nutrients, blended as three separate Supplet® pellets, to help avoid wastage due to sift-out, dust, and nutrient interaction. It is formulated to NRC (2007) standards to make up shortfalls in grain based feeds and stored hays given to horses, ponies and miniatures with access to minimal grass. Cell-Provide™ helps to maintain optimum health and normal coat condition for adult show, working and pleasure horses, ponies and miniatures performing occasional or light exercise and novice show competition. It is also suitable for retired senior horses and ponies.

Supplementation Rates:

Mix the measured amount of Supplet® pellets throughout the feed just prior to feeding. For lightly worked horses or ponies at pasture, the daily supplement of Cell-Provide™ can be given as Supplet® pellets offered off the palm of the hand.

Ensure that an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times.

A level scoopful LARGE END provides 40g of Cell-Provide™.

A level scoopful SMALL END provides 15g of Cell-Provide™.

Show and Pleasure Horses, Aged Horses

Adult Horses (425 – 550 kg body weight)

 (up to 30-60 minutes walking/trotting, light cantering daily) morning and evening (Novice show, led-in horses, lightly worked pleasure horses).

Adult Show, Riding and Aged Ponies (255-300kg body weight)

20g (½ scoopful LARGE END) once daily

Work – up to 30-45 minutes daily 20g (½ scoopful LARGE END) once daily.
Show and Driving Miniatures 25g (⅔ scoopful LARGE END) once daily.

Adult Resting Horses and Ponies

Miniatures (125-150kg body weight) 10g (⅔ scoopful SMALL END) daily
Ponies (225-300kg body weight) 10g-15g (⅔-1 scoopful SMALL END) daily
Galloways (300-425kg body weight) 15-20g (⅓-½ scoopful LARGE END) daily
Horses (425-550 kg body weight) 20g–30g (½-¾ scoopful LARGE END) daily


Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ is especially formulated to make up shortfalls of bone minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins in the grass, hay and hard feed diets of lightly worked equestrian and pleasure horses, ponies and miniatures


It is the only specific form of a ‘ration balancer’ formulated for small ponies and miniatures.


It is also highly recommended for aged horses as a palatable, easily assimilated dietary supplement. It is formulated to the latest 2007 issue of the National Research Council (NRC) USA and INRA nutrient recommendations for resting lightly worked horses, as well as aged horses and ponies.


Q. Why is it beneficial for lightly worked horses, ponies and miniatures?

A. Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ is a unique dietary balancer, supplying not only bone minerals, but a full range of essential trace-minerals (many in organic or chelated form) and important vitamins either lacking in grass, hay or dry feeds, or depleted during curing of hay and long term storage of grains. Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ provides a full range of nutrients to help maintain normal health, coat condition and vitality in horses and ponies, such as when stabled in the winter months or in livery, with minimal access to good quality grass.


Q. Is Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ different to other dietary supplements?

A. Yes indeed. Not only is it formulated to provide a wide range of nutrients to the NRC 2007 standards, it is a blend of three cold-pressed, colour-coded Supplet® pellets – a world first innovation and patented concept exclusive to John Kohnke Products International.

The blend of three individual Supplet™ pellets, which are compounded during manufacturing into separate compatible nutrient groups within each type of pellet, helps to avoid harmful nutrient interactions between trace-minerals, such as iron and copper, with Vitamins A, D and E.


Q. Are there other benefits from the three Supplet™ pellet blend?

A. Yes. Being a blended pellet mix, Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ incorporates easily into dry feed mixes. It does not sift-out, it eliminates dust and wastage due to blow-away from outdoor feeders and it does not sludge or precipitate to the bottom of a feed bin in dry feeds. Incompatible nutrients are separated to reduce loss of potency during storage, which is a cause for concern in many powdered and liquid supplements.


Q. Is Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ suitable for show and ridden horses?

A. Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ not only contains a full range of nutrients in balanced proportions, but it is also fortified with selected nutrients such as copper, zinc and iron, as well as selenium and chromium (both in fully organic form). It also contains Vitamin A, D, E and B group vitamins. These also have a role in normal coat condition, maintaining normal appetite and vitality, as well as general health.


Q. Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ contains a separate white calcium pellet. Why?

A. Many grass based diets without access to legumes, such as clovers and alfalfa, which contribute calcium to help make up shortfalls, are low in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Vitamin A and Vitamin D are included in this special bone mineral pellet, as they have a role in the uptake and balance of calcium and magnesium into the bones and are required for optimum metabolic function of both minerals.


Q. The trace-minerals in the formulation include ‘proteinate’ forms. What are the benefits of ‘proteinates’?

A. ‘Proteinates’ are an organic, natural form of a nutrient, which is similar to the natural form incorporated into plants and grains consumed by horses. The proteinates are formed when chemical trace-minerals are ‘fed’ to growing yeast cells. The mineral is taken up and incorporated as into the yeast as a trace-mineral-amino acid complex or ‘chelate’. The outer amino acid coating, or ‘chelate’ form, shields the trace-mineral within the yeast cell to prevent interaction with vitamins in the same formulation and avoids chemical binding with other trace-minerals. The amino acid ‘chelate’ is also absorbed more effectively (more bioavailable) compared to inorganic chemical forms of the same trace-mineral in many poorly formulated supplements.


Q. Selenium and Chromium are both in fully ‘proteinate’ form. Why?

A. This is important for optimum uptake and safety of these essential trace-minerals. Selenium is an important antioxidant nutrient which is inter-related to Vitamin E for muscle function. Organic forms are more efficiently absorbed and less toxic to the environment if residues are eliminated in the droppings. Inorganic chemical forms, such as selenites or selenates, are less well absorbed and recent studies suggest they have a pro-oxidative effect in the tissues to increase oxygen waste, rather than the true antioxidant effect of organic selenium, as contained in Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide®.


Q. There is a wide range of vitamins in Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™. Are these in stable form for long term storage?

A. Yes. Many vitamins, such as Retinal (Vitamin A), tocopherol (Vitamin E) and thiamine (Vitamin B1) are prone to oxidation and damaging reaction with inorganic trace-minerals, such as occurs in many poorly formulated, all-in-one powdered and especially liquid ‘ration balancers’.

Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ contains coated forms of these vitamins which prevent oxidation during storage and reaction with trace-minerals, which is also minimised by the shielded ‘proteinate’ forms in the separate trace-mineral pellets added to the feed. The vitamin pellets only contain vitamins and are acidified to further aid their long term stability.


Q. Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide™ is recommended for aged or senior horses. Does it meet their special needs?

A. Horses over 16 years of age are likely to absorb less calcium from their feed to maintain bone density and skeletal strength. Kohnke’s Own® Cell-Provide®, containing a separate bone mineral pellet, provides additional calcium to help make up short falls in a well absorbed, acidified form.


Pack Sizes:      3.5kg pack


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