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At John Kohnke Products, we are often asked about our manufacturing processes and to provide additional product information.  Many of these questions are answered in the ‘About Us’ section of this website.

We have grouped other enquiries under frequently asked questions, or FAQ’s.

Q.           What are NRC 2007 and INRA publications referred to in our product Q and A’s and brochures?

A.            The National Research Council in Washington USA collates the scientific findings related to equine nutritional research from around the world.  A publication ‘Nutrient Requirements of Horses’ is produced every 10-15 years to provide guidelines of the nutrient needs of all types of horses. 

 INRA in France publishes a similar guideline.  All Kohnke’s Own® supplements are based on these guidelines, with regular updates every year to the formulations as new research recommendations become available.  Many other brands of supplements do not contain nutrients at these recognised levels.  They are often very imbalanced and based on older recommendations or no-scientific formulating guidelines.

 Is the supplement which you are using, formulated to these latest nutritional recommendations?

NOTE:  Kohnke’s Own® only use world standard, reputable manufacturers of ingredients, avoiding cheap nutrient sources and non-certified suppliers.


Q.           Are the manufacturing standards higher for Kohnke’s Own® supplement products compared to similar products manufactured to horse feed industry standards?

A.            John Kohnke Products Pty Ltd is licenced to full Good Manufacturing Practice as required by veterinary medicine standards including formulations, manufacturing, and quality and assurance standards.  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) cover every aspect of the manufacturing and packing process, quality control, sanitation and facility maintenance.  Full records are kept and signed off daily by our qualified Quality Assurance Manager.  They are then audited regularly by independent auditors under the direction of the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) to ensure our company conforms in all respects to hold Manufacturing Licence No.: 2216.

The standard is the same as required for manufacture of veterinary medicines.  In most aspects, it is higher than feed manufacturing standards of quality control used by most supplement and herbal product manufacturers.


Q.           Can the formulations of Kohnke’s Own® products be easily compared to a similar product which I am currently using?

A.            Besides comparing the product ingredient listing on both labels, you can also subscribe to the computerised ration analysis program, Feed XL UK version, which has a data base of the ingredients of all supplements, commercial feeds, grains, hays and grass available in the UK.  This program is fully interactive and is updated regularly with ingredient and nutritional data and to NRC 2007 and other guidelines from worldwide, published equine nutritional research findings.  You may wish to purchase a set package of ration analyses and enter the ration information as prompted on the program, not only to see if your ration is adequate to meet your horse’s specific requirements, but you can also compare different supplements and their contribution towards meeting your horse’s requirements.

 You will undoubtedly find that Kohnke’s Own® Supplet® pellet supplements, for example,  provide more nutrients on a cost per dose value basis, compared to almost all other horse nutritional supplements available on the UK market.


Q.           What is a ‘Ration Balancer’?

A.            This is a common term used in the UK to describe supplements which are formulated to make-up shortfalls in grass, mixed feeds and hay provided to a horse on a daily basis to meet its full nutritional needs.  ‘Ration Balancers’ vary from simple formulations of key minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins to expensive ration balancers which contain a myriad of nutrients and herbs etc. considered by the manufacturer to be beneficial for optimum health and performance.  However, in some cases, the formulations are so complicated with extra nutrients, which may or may not be beneficial or required on a daily basis, many of which may be poorly absorbed due to over-load of the absorption sites, or very expensive because of the large 200-300g dose rate often required to deliver these supplements.

                You can be assured that Kohnke’s Own® supplements are formulated to balance all key nutrients, incorporating many organic nutrients, coated vitamins and separated compatible nutrient groups (as in the Supplet® pellet blended products) to meet needs without expensive waste.  Where necessary you may decide to add a specific supplement to a horse’s special needs, such as a joint supplement or probiotic. It is expensive to include these nutrients, usually at less than required amounts, in a ‘ration balancer’.


Q.           On Kohnke’s Own® products, the words DOM, EXP and (B) are printed on the side of packages.  What do these mean?

A.            Because we operate to full GMP standards under licence by the APVMA, all our products must carry the Date of Manufacturing (DOM), Expiry Date or Used by Date (EXP) and the product batch number on the date, month and year it was manufactured (B).  These are printed on during packaging in an indelible ink print. On our product the DOM reflects the Batch Number.  All supplement products have a 24 month (2 year expiry) as regulated by the APVMA.  Stability testing of retention samples indicates that all products exceed this expiry time when stored under 30oC, as recommended on the label directions.