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Stepping Up to the Next Level with Cell-Perform



The daily requirements of nutrients increase as training and workload becomes more intense. Meeting the daily recommended requirements of all trace-minerals and vitamins relative to your horse's weight and exercise workload is essential for athletic performance, health, the immune system and overall physiological function. A top-up supplement containing a comprehensive nutrient formulation, such as Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform, can help to balance and fully meet the elevated needs of horses in regular training and competition.


Cell-Perform is a great choice for Dressage and Show as well as Show-Jumping, Eventing and all other competitive horses. With a comprehensive base of vitamins and minerals, plus extra bone minerals and added organic selenium and vitamin E for muscle function, this supplement will ensure that your horse is receiving all the nutrients needed to perform at their best.


Susan Elekessy, Grand Prix Dressage trainer and competitor has had outstanding results since starting with Cell-Perform, “Since starting with Kohnke’s Own Cell-Perform, I’ve noticed that the horses feel more robust, with sustained energy and their general well-being and vitality is excellent. I’ve been recommending Cell-Perform because I’ve had great success with this supplement.”


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