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Keep your nervous horse calm and focused



Help for Your Spooky Horse

Is your horse spooky or nervous when you ride out or go out to compete? Does your horse become tense or jib at common objects when away from his familiar surroundings? 

There are many causes that can trigger a fear response in flighty, reactive or anxious horses. Behaviours such as hesitation, loss of impulsion, shying, baulking, shaking, snorting and even rearing and bucking can be common in horses which struggle to adapt to their situation. The underlying causes of such behaviours can be influenced by an individual horse’s bloodline or breed characteristics, learnt behaviours, environmental influences, ‘heating’ feeds, pain or magnesium deficiency. Ensuring your horse is fed a correctly balanced diet, with adequate, but not too much ‘heating’ energy is helpful to reduce over-excitable behaviour. Training and exposure, especially for young horses, is essential to help reduce over-reactive behaviour and help give anxious horses confidence in unfamiliar situations.

If you still find that your horse is a little too spooky, tense or agitated, consider using a good quality calming supplement based on protein-coated magnesium, such as Kohnke’s Own Harmony. Properly balanced and adequate magnesium intake can help to regulate nerve and muscle impulses, naturally promoting relaxed and calm behaviour without affecting performance or brain function. 

If you haven’t tried Kohnke’s Own Harmony for your nervous or anxious horse or are currently using a simple mineral calmer based on magnesium oxide, chloride or sulfate (Epsom salts), then there are many reasons why Harmony is the better choice for your horse!

Harmony has a combination of ingredients with multiple actions that help your horse relax and become more steady and focused. Harmony features a special high quality organic magnesium chelate, as a protein-bound form with better bioavailability and more efficient uptake, compared to regular mineral magnesium. It also includes a source of supplementary thiamine (vitamin B1) for extra calming action and high potency, high quality vitamin E for normal nerve and muscle function. 

Harmony is perfect for nervous and anxious horses as a regular supplement at just one daily dose in the feed. If you are just looking for that extra relaxation and focus on competition day, when they can become distracted or fidgety in stressful surroundings, Harmony can be used in double doses in the feed, or even mixed as a long-lasting paste during competitions or stressful situations where relaxed, calm performance is important. 

Testimonial from Marylouise and Zahli: 

Marylouise found her chestnut mare, Zahli, was having some trouble coping with training clinics, dressage competitions and shows. After a few difficult outings with flighty and nervous behaviour from Zahli, Marylouise found her confidence was affected. However, once Zahli was given Harmony, everything changed. A single dose each day keeps this special mare happy and focused in her normal surroundings. Marylouise has also found that increasing to a double dose for the four days before and during a competition has been the perfect answer to Zahli’s spooky and unfocused behaviour during stressful and busy shows.

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Gastric Ulcers In Focus




Gastric Ulcers In Focus

We are proud to present Equine Gastric Ulcers In Focus..

Our new animated video explains Gastric Ulcers and Gastric Irritation in Horses, and our supplement Gastro-Coat.

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